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Machine Learning and AI 

AltusAI and SLINEP partners to bring in applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve some of the everyday business challenges. AltusAI core engines for Natural Language Processing and Dialog generation along with its enterprise-class virtual assistant platform helps drive conversational enterprise transformation initiatives. Organizations towards are moving from system of records to system of intelligence and AltusAI platform provide a perfect way to start that journey by connecting up exiting cloud or on-premise application over conversations.

Emploai and SLINEP partners to help companies attract and engage talent through out the candidate journey. We created a smart Artificial Intelligence enabled Natural Language capable Digital Recruiter that delivers a 24/7 experience without bias. AI Recruiter enables live chat conversations with candidates, be it on your career pages or social media or even reach out to passive seekers. Talent Suite enables rapid collection of data, apply filters and identify a prioritized list of matched candidates so that recruiters have a lot more qualified data to work on without the wasted effort of sourcing and preparing data.

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