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Risk Consulting

Risk and Internal control administration are responsibilities of all departments including the Chief executives and Directors. Corporates are increasingly challenged to demonstrate robust control and compliance environment. Keeping track of compliance requirement which is ever-changing is difficult without a good management and governance discipline. 


Building a practical risk and control framework which addresses financial risks, business partner risks (supplier and service providers), fraud risks and legal risks is an asset to any organization.


With more complex technology deployments (ERP, supply chain, cloud), if not carefully watched some employees can become more opportunistic to exhibit a fraud and also can be exploited by external hacks.


Straight-line professionals provide the experience to help companies stay on track and deal with risks that could challenge their business survival. Following are two major service lines under risk consulting

  1. Internal Control Implementation (Framework design and deployment, Control center of excellence, Control self-assessments, Continuous Monitoring, and Audit Robotics)

  2. Internal audit services (Business, IT general controls, and End to End Technology)


How robust is your governance, risk and compliance program? Write to us and we can help you understand your current Risk and control maturity.

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