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Boolean Analytics

Our partner organization Boolean is a SAAS product that believes powerful real-time binary insight directly from stakeholders (customers, business partners, employees) is the new recipe for success. Cxx and Senior management desk always exhibit the habit of seeing everything binary, wanting to validate their intuition and internal inference, prioritize and solve one problem at a time and love to be proactive. Boolean provides an easy to configure platform which can help business in building meaningful insight in realtime and be a handy tool for senior management.

Aryabhata analytics

Image-Based Analytics and AI


Our partner Aryabhata analytics Founded with a Vision of Creating Game-Changing Innovations in the Field of AI and Robotics. Build by a team of serial entrepreneurs who love solving problems at scale.

In 2017, Aryabhatta started with hardware and software products for retail and introduced a revolutionary new face recognition technology as a part of its retail automation solution. Today, they are a pioneer in face analysis and recognition solutions across various industries ranking as one of the fastest-growing AI companies in India. Our Zorro platform enables retailers to leverage competitive insights through their in-store data fetch from CCTV cameras.

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