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Straight line partners is a Tech-driven management advisory firm with experienced delivery partners engaging in a modular approach in the areas of Risk and Audit, Technology Advisory, Analytics, Business & Talent sourcing, and Management consultancy.  


Risk Consulting

Risk and Internal control administration is the responsibility of all departments including the Chief executives and Directors. Corporates are increasingly challenged to demonstrate a robust control and compliance environment. Keeping track of compliance requirement which is ever-changing is difficult without a good management and governance discipline. 


Building a practical risk and control framework which addresses financial risks, business partner risks (supplier and service providers), fraud risks and legal risks is an asset to any organization.


With more complex technology deployments (ERP, supply chain, cloud), if not carefully watched some employees can become more opportunistic to exhibit a fraud and also can be exploited by external hacks.


Straight-line professionals provide the experience to help companies stay on track and deal with risks that could challenge their business survival. Following are two major service lines under risk consulting

  1. Internal Control Implementation (Framework design and deployment, Control center of excellence, Control self-assessments, Continuous Monitoring, and Audit Robotics)

  2. Internal audit services (Business, IT general controls, and End to End Technology)


How robust is your governance, risk and compliance program? Write to us and we can help you understand your current Risk and control maturity.

Technology Advisory

Technology is a key factor in realizing business objectives.  A well-owned and efficient IT gives you a competitive edge and hence it's important to have a strong partner who can help you tailor the right strategy on technology. Getting it right saves you a lot of time and money and our philosophy is “just-enough platform and hit the road as early as possible”. Technology decisions should not slow you down in doing your business. We bring together skills and experience to help you realize your business objectives.  We offer five service lines for our enterprise and start-up customers

  1. ERP and Supply chain implementation advisory

  2. Intelligent automation and RPA

  3. Digital transformation

  4. Digital Sales strategy- Optimizing sales through tech (SEO, digital campaign, etc)

  5. Virtual CTO

Product partners

Binary Analytics 


Our partner organization Boolean is a SAAS product that believes powerful real-time binary insight directly from stakeholders (customers, business partners, employees) is the new recipe for success. Cxx and Senior management desk always exhibit the habit of seeing everything binary, wanting to validate their intuition and internal inference, prioritize and solve one problem at a time and love to be proactive. Boolean provides an easy to configure platform which can help business in building meaningful insight in realtime and be a handy tool for senior management.

Image-based analytics and AI 


Our partner Aryabhata analytics Founded with a Vision of Creating Game-Changing Innovations in the Field of AI and Robotics. Build by a team of serial entrepreneurs who love solving problems at scale.

In 2017, Aryabhatta started with hardware and software products for retail and introduced a revolutionary new face recognition technology as a part of its retail automation solution. Today, they are a pioneer in face analysis and recognition solutions across various industries ranking as one of the fastest-growing AI companies in India. Our Zorro platform enables retailers to leverage competitive insights through their in-store data fetch from CCTV cameras.

Machine learning and AI 


AltusAI and Straight Line Partners partnered to bring in applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve some of the everyday business challenges. AltusAI core engines for Natural Language Processing and Dialog generation along with its enterprise-class virtual assistant platform helps drive conversational enterprise transformation initiatives. Organizations towards are moving from system of records to system of intelligence and AltusAI platform provide a perfect way to start that journey by connecting up exiting cloud or on-premise application over conversations.

Management advisory

We help clients make better decisions. With a combination of structured consulting and coaching approaches, we help organizations build capabilities to manage the business efficiently, reduce wastage and optimize revenue.


With busy daily routine, being self-aware and thinking out of the box has become a luxury. We help the organization develop management philosophies aligned with business goals, develop tools to monitor and measure the sink through management guidance into the larger organization.


We work on the Built-Operate-Transfer model and we have three service lines.

Shared service advisory 

Establishing Shared Services Centers across various business functions to leverage optimized resources and cross-functional capabilities is a widely adopted strategy to improve operations. Using established approaches and domain expertise, we can help organizations set-up and scale shared service operations across various business domains.

Virtual CFO 

More than 50% start up’s and small/medium businesses struggle to survive due to financial in-discipline. Most of the small business cannot afford a full-time CFO, but the truth is every business need a strategic finance partner. We provide all the services of a CFO; however, our CFO won’t be your full-time employee and present on-site all the time but will always be available when you need her/him.

We provide a flexible arrangement, enabling you to increase or decrease your engagement, thereby giving you the opportunity of having the CFO talent assisting you in your key financial decisions. Our Virtual CFO retainer engagements can be as low as 4 hours a week and can go as high as 40 hours a week. This flexible arrangement makes it affordable but be assured of a great experience and trusted partnership




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